Congratulations!  If you found this page then you were invited by Clay or someone on his team. This traffic is exclusively available to specific Freedom Fighters Network members by invitation only.

Although Jordan and Angela have graciously given all FFN members access to their private traffic source, I wanted to offer my team another option. This traffic is just as good. Very targeted in the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online niche. You will get your traffic quicker and get more for your money. Plus you now have options under FFN's minimum of $200 and you will save at least 20 cents per click.

Choose your package below and ​notice that the more clicks you order the less the cost per click. Please don't forget to read the Additional Notes section at the bottom of this page. You will need to follow those instructions after you pay for your package.

100 Unique Clicks

Team Discount Price $60

(60 cents per click)​

250 Unique Clicks

Team Discount Price $150

(60 cents per click)​

500 Unique Clicks

Team Discount Price $290

(58 cents per click)​

1000 Unique Clicks

Team Discount Price $560

(56 cents per click)​

Additional Notes (please read before ordering):

  • Bookmark this page right now. You should be returned here after your payment is made but just in case you are not, you will need to get back to these instructions.
  • Once payment is made, please send your FFN link or tracking link to:
  • I cannot guarantee conversions. Nobody who provides traffic can do that. What I can guarantee is you get at least the number of clicks that you order.
  • There are NO REFUNDS on traffic orders once you send me your link because I send it on to my traffic manager to be added to the campaign queue right away.
  • Traffic is filled sequentially. Think of it like a first come, first served deal. If you and Mike and Brandi order in that order then you get all your traffic delivered before the queue moves on to Mike. Then Mike gets all his clicks and then Brandi gets hers.
  • The lists that we use are all IM/MMO lists with 70-80% being Tier 1. Tier 1 means they are in the top five 'spending' English speaking countries. (US/CA/GB/AU/NZ)